Smart Multianalyte Handheld Detection For Bioanalytics


BioMensio Ltd is a Hermia Science Park based biotechnology company in Tampere, Finland.

The company was recently established to build on international research programs and intellectual property of more than 15 patent families.

Core of the BioMensio biosensor platform is an innovative mass-sensitive microarray technology, which is based on joint research and development by Siemens AG and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.  The BioMensio devices allow frequent and rapid on-site detection of multiple biological targets from a small amount of liquid sample in one step.


Smart BioMensio sensing platform consists of microfluidics and an array of microscopic weighing scale pixels, called a Mass Sensitive Micro-Array (MSMA). Mass sensitive transducer chips are based on patented BioMensio Film-Bulk Acoustic Resonance (FBAR) technology combined with Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) –  the two key technologies largely applied in high volume mobile industries.

The detection mechanism of the cost effective MSMA technology is based on mass. This makes bio-sensor inherently universal and applicable to any analyte – or even DNA. No labelling or analyte modifications are necessary like with most other techniques. This allows for simple, fast and cost efficient detection on the lab-on-a-chip platform.


Novel, miniaturized micro-array platform facilitates rapid development of new bioscreening applications for on-site testing. Initial applications include detection of multiple biological targets in saliva, food and milk safety monitoring, as well as point-of-care and bio-security applications.

Multiple MSMA pixels functionalized with a biologically active layer, like antibodies or DNA, enable unique capability to screen for multiple biological targets from the same liquid sample in one step.

BioMensio sensing technology is scalable and robust – neither optics nor moving parts are required. Mass sensitive detection is inherently suitable for development of label-free assays; there is no need for costly and time-consuming labeling procedures.


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